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  • Contributor from Google
    This is the alternate solution to getting the funds without dealing with the hassle of ads.
  • Mobile Phone Emulator
    Test the display of any website in several cell phones using this feature.
  • Muck Rack
    Allows you to search and contact different journalists.
  •  Interview Cake
    With this feature, you can get the most carefully designed, comprehendible, popular real-world coding interview questions every Tuesday.
  • When is Good
    Enables you to find out the time when each person is available for the next meeting or event.
  • Mobiletest.me
    Test the responsiveness and the overall look of your site on mobile devices.
  • Face++
    Run accurate face detection API using this tool.
  • Rainforest
    On-Demand QA Team which is extremely scalable
  • Fetching.io
    Works as a search engine and enables you to find all the webpages you’ve visited.
  • Any.do
    Get things done, like a pro!


  • 20 Minute Bodyweight Workout
    Using a former Navy SEAL get tips for a 20 minute workout without the weights, machines, a gym or Time
  • 5pm
    This tool enables you to perform Project management tasks
  • Agree n’ Sign
    Allows you to sign browser-based document. Includes a free trial.
  • appear.in
    Have video conversations in your browser in just one click. Login and installs are not required. You can appear together after creating a video room and sharing the link.
  • Asana
    Teams can use this tool for Task management. Teams at Twitter, Foursquare and Dropbox use it
  • Basecamp
    Project Management which is cloud based
  • Bidsketch
    Allows you to build an online proposal
  • Brightpod
    Marketing projects & communications are organized, managed, tracked and automated using this tool.
  • Brupt
    Search for .doc, .pdf, .xls and .ppt files effortlessly using this tool which works as a file search engine.
  • Bubbl.us
    Allows you to brainstorm and mind map
  • Calloud
    Allows your website guests to be just one click away from contacting you on your cell phone
  • Calm
    Meditate and relax facing your computer
  • CamelCamelCamel
    This Free Amazon price tracker can notify you when the prices drop, since it has the ability to monitor millions of products
  • Click with me Now
    Share your screen with others in just one click, without dealing with downloads and cost.
  • Clocking It
    Allows you to track time online
  • Cloudup
    Share files on any platform easily without the going through the hassle of creating folders etcetera
  • Comindwork
    Tool with Gantt Capabilities, enables you to work on Cloud-based Project Management
  • CrashPlan
    Enables you to back up your Online data (onsite, offsite and cloud-based).
  • Crisply
    This tool is a Timesheet and billing software which integrates with Basecamp. It is free for up to 5 users.
  • DigitalPigeon
    Allows you to send bulky data in the form of files. The free version allows you to send up to four 500MB files a month to at least three recipients
  • DivvyHQ
    A Spreadsheet-Free Editorial Calendar Application
  • DropMark
    This is a cloud-based collaboration tool which is extremely simple and easy to use
  • Etherpad
    Perform real-time collaboration on text documents using this Open source online text editor
  • Fetching.io
    Find all the webpages you’ve visited using this search engine.
  • Fetchnotes
    Allows you to easily organize and keep track of your busy life, irrespective of where you are
  • Fleksy
    Allows you to type more rapidly and easily on mobile touch screens. It is typically designed to aid blind or visually impaired to type faster.
  • Freckle Time Tracking
    Allows you to track time. It has with powerful reporting features such as its completeness, info-packed project overviews and the mighty Pulse
  • GatherContent
    It lets teams plan, gather, structure and collaborate on content on a cloud-based platform
  • Getty Images Embed Tool
    Under non-commercial use license, you can insert Getty Images into your website and social media through this tool
  • Ghost
    This simple, open source publishing tool enables you to blog
  • Goal Keeper
    Enables you to perform team collaboration, online project management and tracking
  • Google Apps for Business
    Enables you to manage emails, doc storage, spreadsheets and word processing
  • GPS Coordinates Finder
    Access any address, state, etcetera using this tool by finding GPS Latitude and Longitude coordinates for them.
  • Guide
    Converts your online news reading into Web TV
  • HabitRPG
    Helps you to adopt better habits by making you play games
  • Harvest
    This simple tool, integrated with basecamp, enables you to track time online
  • JustDeleteMe
    Gives a directory of direct links to help you remove your account from web services
  • Learn Git in a Browser
    Enables you to learn Git in 15 minutes
  • LibreOffice
    This tool is a Free Office Suite which includes word processing, spreadsheet, design, database, and more
  • Lighthouse
    Tool used for Simple Issue Tracking
  • Liquid Planner
    Tool used for online project management. Its new and attractive feature for team efficiency includes predictive scheduling, dynamic collaboration, and easy time tracking.
  • Mechanical Turk
    Complete human intelligence jobs for your projects with this tool which provides a global, on-demand human workforce.
  • Murally
    This online whiteboard is designed to visually organize ideas and collaborate in an interesting and engaging way
  • Notism
    Provides real-time visual collaboration, prototyping and tasks, all in one.
  • Nozbe
    Manage time and increase efficiency using this online mobile application
  • NudgeMail
    Allows you to organize your inbox by postponing emails that you want to get back to later.
  • Present.me
    Allows you to judge and test your presentations by recording you and your slides (or document) in one screen view
  • Prialto
    Allows executives and their companies to design and implement increased productivity
  • Priority Matrix
    Allows you to set priorities in projects and devices by planning, tracking and organizing
  • Producteev
    Allows you to perform Online Task Management with Mobile App
  • Project Naptha
    Copy text from within images on any web page using this tool which works as a browser plug-in
  • Project Open
    Open-source tool which allows you to project management tasks
  • Project Pier
    A tool which works as an Online Collaboration Application
  • Projecturf
    This tool allows you to perform Web-based project management, collaboration and task management
  • Rainforest
    Gives access to On-Demand QA Team which is extremely scalable
  • Readability Scoring Tool
    Enables you to evaluate the readability of any text
  • RescueTime
    Helps you to identify distractions and inefficiencies by observing the time you spend on your computer
  • Respond CMS
    This Open source tool is a responsive CMS system which is based on Bootstrap, Angular JS and other emerging web technologies
  • Right Signature
    This browser based tool allows you sign documents. It includes first 5 document free trials
  • ScheduleOnce
    Allows you to manage online group scheduling easily as it is an online meeting and appointment schedule software
  • SignNow
    Enables you to notarize and coordinate signatures on the documents
  • SmartSheet
    This is a cloud based project management tool, resembling a spreadsheet
  • Speek
    Enables you to manage conference calls easily
  • Sprint.ly
    Allows you to manage projects in an innovative way
  • StatWing
    This tool allows you to analyze data. It requires uploading the dataset and ultimately gaining important insights through an intuitive interface
  • SubList
    Allows you to subscribe emails for blogs. Its widget works by emailing the subscribers whenever you publish a new blog post
  • svbtle
    A simple interface used for blogging
  • Team Box
    Allows teams to work on online project management. It also works with dropbox and box
  • TeuxDeaux
    A very simple tool with is designed to work as a ‘To Do App’
  • Tick
    This software allows you to track time. Since it is integrated with Basecamp you can track time directly within  Basecamp
  • Time Doctor
    Allows you or your team to track time
  • Tinkercad
    A simple browser-based tool for Generating CAD models for 3D printing
  • Twilio
    Manage all you telephony needs from the cloud by creating a virtual call center and PBX
  • UserTesting.com
    This cloud-based tool enables you to test the crowd-sourced usability of your website
  • VSCharts
    Allows you to select products and compare them side by side. It works as a product comparison Wikipedia
  • When is Good
    This tool enables you to easily find out when a meeting or event can be scheduled depending on everyone’s availability
  • World Time Buddy
    Helps you to manage meetings comprising of members from different time zones by doing time zone and world clock conversions
  • Writemaps
    Allows you to produce, collaborate on and share sitemaps on the web
  • WriteRoom
    This application designed for Mac OS enables you to write without interruptions or distractions
  • YouSendIt
    Enables you to send bulky files easily
  • Zoho
    Allows you to manage small businesses


  • .htaccess tester
    Allows you to test the results by filling in the URL you are applying the rule to and entering you htaccess
  • Amazon Glacier
    This cheap tool provides safe and robust storage for data archiving and backup
  • aMember
    This web-based tool allows membership management which includes subscriptions, customer management, digital content delivery, newsletters, affiliate program management
  • Animate.css
    Allows you to simply add water css animations
  • App.net
    This tool is an ad-free social networking tool with a massive API for building messaging-based apps
  • AppEngine
    Host your site, run your apps, and provide backup for your data by using Google’s application.
  • Appery
    Work with visual tools and integrated backend services by using this cloud-based enterprise mobile application development platform
  • AppHarbor
    Deploy and scale any standard .NET application to the cloud by using this fully hosted fully hosted .NET platform.
  • Atom
    Allows you to work on desktop application, node.js integration, modular design. This easy to hack, GitHub’s text editor is full featured out of the box but extensible
  • Aviary
    This tool is a photo editing SDK comprising of a robust, customizable photo editor that can be plugged into apps on iOS, Android, Windows Phone and HTML5
  • BBC Glow
    Allows you to work with JavaScript and DOM by abstracting common tasks, hiding cross-browser issues, and providing a set of user interface widgets
  • Blueprint
    A CSS Framework
  • Bootflat
    Allows web developers to create well-designed web pages in a faster, easier and less clichéd way. It is an Open source Flat UI KIT based on Twitter’s Bootstrap 3.1.0 CSS framework
  • Bootsnipp
    Design elements, playground and code snippets for Bootstrap HTML/CSS/JS framework
  • Bootstrap
    A front-end framework developed by the folks @ twitter to aid you in developing web in a faster and easier way
  • Bootstrap Buttons
    Allows you to customize and design the default Bootstrap buttons
  • Bootswatch
    Allows you to play around with different cost-free themes for Twitter Bootstrap
  • Brackets
    This open-source code editor enables front-end developers and web designers to design and code at the same time
  • Bulk Rename Utility
    This windows based tool allows you to rename files in bulk
  • Cake PHP
    A platform for PHP programmers
  • Can I use…
    Allows you to support of HTML5, CSS3, SVG and more in desktop and mobile browsers by using compatibility tables
  • ChimpFeedr
    Combine several RSS feeds into one
  • Clockwork SMS
    This API enables you to integrate text messaging with applications.
  • CloudBees
    This Java PaaS allows you to develop applications easily with Java
  • Code Anywhere
    This browser-based code editor allows you to edit code with an integrated ftp client. All popular web formats (HTML, PHP, JavaScript, CSS, and XML) are supported
  • Codepen
    This tools works as a storehouse for shared code (HTML, CSS, JavaScript) which can be accessed for use, motivation and to display your work to others
  • Codio
    This browser-based IDE allows the progress of client and server side development. It is also rich in features
  • ControlC
    Allows you to view your clipboard history in the browser by saving it to a database and securing it with encryption
  • Convert Text to Binary
    This tool allows you to encode text to binary or decode from binary to text including hex and octal conversions
  • CSS 3.0 Maker
    Use templates and samples and create code by using this CSS 3.0 code creation tool in browser.
  • cssplot
    Use this simple tool to plot css only
  • CWIS
    Free, open source software by the name of CWIS (Collection Workflow Integration System pronounced see-wis) enables you to develop web applications for assembling, organizing, and sharing collections of data about resources.
  • DataSift
    Allows you to see a complete picture of social content engagement by connecting trends together and helps you to analyze social conversations
  • Dev Art
    This state of the art technology allows developers to create art with code
  • Drupal Gardens
    Drupal 7 SaaS gives access to hosting plan without costing anything and enables you to export and port to your own hosting environment as well
  • Engine Yard
    PHP Cloud hosting Platform as a Service (PaaS) and Ruby on Rails
  • Extenionizr
    A 15 minute chrome extension builder
  • Fabric
    A free, modular, cross-platform development kit from Twitter for mobile development
  • Face++
    A face detection API
  • FeedCombine
    Syndicate multiple RSS feeds into one by using this open source, back-end code.
  • FeedForAll
    A tool which runs a PHP script to combine multiple RSS feeds into one
  • Feedstitch
    Syndicate multiple RSS feeds into one
  • Feedweaver
    Allows you to use many RSS feeds to create your own personal and customized RSS feed
  • Filament
    Allows you to improve user experience and increase your website reach by giving access to free, easily installable apps
  • Geocodio
    use REST API to turn US street addresses into map coordinates (geocoding) in bulk at a very low cost
  • GitHub
    Free tool which allows public software to be stored for developer collaboration, issue tracking, code review, versioning and more
  • Gnip
    Provides Social Media Data to the Enterprise. It is the largest provider that exists
  • Google Maps Utility Library
    Allows you to tailor Google map presentation on your site according to your needs, using great set of utilities
  • Hashcash
    This tool works as a substitute for captcha forms and enables you to protect your website from bots/hackers/spammers
  • Heroku
    A platform used for cloud-based application hosting, development, deployment and management
  • HTML Email Layout Generator
    Allows you to create HTML Email templates which are bullet proof
  • Huginn
    think IFTTT + Yahoo Pipes – A software for automated task building
  • Iconic
    A dynamic, flexible and receptive icon system that can be modified according to your taste
  • If This Then That
    Tool which allows App Integration
  • ink File Picker
    Allows you to Link, Store, and Process any file from anywhere on the Internet with ease
  • Interview Cake
    With this feature, you can get the most carefully designed, comprehendible, popular real-world coding interview questions every Tuesday.
  • ipinfo
    Allows you to assimilate IP geolocation into your script or website with minimal coding by using the ipinfo.io IP lookup API
  • It Duzz It
    Tool used for App Integration
  • Jetstrap
    A tool for Twitter Bootstrap for interface-building
  • Jster
    Web development is performed using this tool which is basically a collection with over 1,000 javascript libraries and tools
  • Justinmind
    Design web and mobile application using this wireframe prototyping tool
  • Keybase
    Access publicly auditable public keys through this tool which is a public directory of. All usernames are given unique usernames for convenience
  • Kickstrap
    Access apps, themes and extras that extend Twitter Bootstrap using this Web-based front-end structured tool
  • kimono
    A browser-based tool which converts websites into structured APIs within seconds
  • Koding.com
    A browser-based tool developing Real software with a real terminal and VM
  • LESS
    A CSS pre-processor that extends CSS in various ways, such as variables, mixins, operations and functions
  • Link Sleuth
    A free tool which allows you to check broken links
  • Loading Icon Generator
    A loading/preloader ajax icon can be generated using this tool
  • Magpie RSS
    Allows you to parse RSS feeds as it is a popular PHP library
  • mashape
    A bazaar for APIs which enables you to distribute, monetize, consume and manage APIs.
  • MD5 Hash Generator
    Allows your string to encode into a 128-bit hash
  • Mobiletest.me
    Allows you use different smartphone and tablet emulators to test your mobile sites and responsive design
  • Modernizr
    This tool features HTML5/CSS3’s detection library
  • NerdyData
    Allows you to locate and search for all occurrences of source code across the web by entering HTML, CSS, or Javascript. It is basically a source code’s search engine
  • Node.js
    Allows you to build fast, accessible, network application through this platform built on open source V8 Javascript engine. This tool, which is essentially an event-driven, non-blocking I/O model, enables data-intensive real-time applications to run across distributed devices
  • Paintstrap
    Allows Adobe Kuler or COLOURLovers to generate Bootstrrap themes from Twitter
  • Phabricator
    It is a software engineering platform from Facebook which is open source
  • PhoneGap
    This free, open source platform allows standardized web APIs for the platforms of your choice to create mobile apps
  • Pingdom Tools
    This tool allows you to track and observe site uptime, achieve full-page load test, DNS health and conduct ping/tracert
  • Plivio
    This tool features web and mobile application’s voice and SMS API
  • Plupload
    Allows you to upload files using HTML5, Gears, Silverlight, Flash, BrowserPlus or normal forms including the unique features like uploading progress, image resizing and chunked uploadings.
  • Pricing Table Grid Generator
    Allow your website to feature stylized pricing from grid online.
  •  PunyPNG
    Allows designers and developers to perform Image compressions, with free and paid versions
  • Rainforest
    On-Demand QA Team which is extremely scalable
  • RegExLib
    Regular expressions can be searched using this library. It enables you to download a Regex cheat sheet and other Regex utilities
  • Regular Expressions Guide
    This free tool provides guidance on using LunaMetrics’s regular expressions
  • RethinkDB
    This tool features an open-source distributed database with an intuitive query language, automatically parallelized queries, and simple administration
  • Rich Snippet Generator
    This tool allows rich data snippets to be generated for E-commerce sites
  • RSSMix
    One RSS feed is produced by combining multiple RSS feeds
  • Ruby on Rails
    Gives Ruby programmers a framework to work on
  • Run My Process
    Allows workflow apps to be built and integrated in the cloud
  • Sass
    This tool allows the addition of nested rules, variables, mixins, selector inheritance, and more. It is basically a Ruby-based extension of CSS3
  • ShareThis Trending Content
    Allows you to build the fastest real time widget which can share the content on the ShareThis Network
  • Shuffle Your List
    Allows you to re-organize or shuffle your list in a random order
  • SimplePie
    Open source code library Allows you to combine, parse and manage RSS feeds
  • Skeleton
    Develop responsive and mobile-friendly environment, also applicable for WordPress, Drupal and Rails using this small collection of CSS
  • SnazzyMaps
    A free tool for styling your Google Maps
  • Snipt
    Access snippets of code through this Public repository
  • Spinkit
    Access a set CSS Spinners with ease
  • Stamplay
    This IFTTT for developers allows them to connect pre-built code modules and  build back-end code
  • StyleBootstrap
    Allows you to Modify default Twitter Bootstrap and create a unique web design
  • Switchboard
    Managing IMAP clients across email accounts and providers by using this set of open source high level tools
  • TextCleanr
    Allows you to fix and clean up text when copying and pasting between applications on web
  • WorkMob
    Excellent freelance talent can be contacted using this app
  • You Might Not Need JQuery
    Allows you to circumvent JQuery if you don’t really require it
  • Zapier
    A tool for App Integration
  • Zend
    Provides PHP programmers a framework to work on
  • Zurb Foundation 3
    A substitute for Twitter Bootstrap which provides responsive front-end framework that features a mobile and resourceful layout, speedy prototyping, and flexibility
  • {wrap}bootstrap
    A collection of already built Twitter Bootstrap themes


  • 99Designs
    Gives access to Crowdsource logos and other graphics
  • Elance
    Allows you to recruit freelancers
  • Fiverr
    Get small services, starting at $5 from the world’s largest marketplace
  • Freelancer.com
    Allows you to Hire freelancers – acquired VWorker in 2012
  • Guru.com
    Freelance web developers, programmers, graphic designers, writers and more can be hired easily through this platform
  • Hire Your Virtual Assistant
    A company helps you to find and manage your virtual assistant with 7-Day Free Trial + 30day Money Back Guarantee
  • Inkd
    A platform for buying graphic design templates, logos and presentations, including printing
  • iWriter
    Gives access to services for writing articles tailored according to your content needs
  • Jade Magnet
    Allows your design projects to be crowdsourced
  • Logo Maid
    Choose and Purchase logos from a list of pre-developed logos
  • MicroCreatives
    Access Philippines Creative Services
  • Odesk
    Hire freelancers
  • OnlineJobs.ph
    Filipino personnel and virtual assistants can be found online using this platform
  • Outsource Factor
    Helps online entrepreneurs to recruit offshore talent
  • Rainforest
    On-Demand QA Team which is infinitely scalable
  • Replace Myself
    Filipino Vas are hired, trained and managed through this platform
  • Respond CMS
    This app is an open source, receptive CMS system structured on Bootstrap, Angular JS and other emerging web technologies
  • TextBroker
    Allows you to acquire new articles and content with TextBroker.com
  • Trada
    Search engine marketing is out sourced to a group of crowdsourced SEM specialists through this tool
  • uTest
    Allows 70,000 software testing professionals in 140 countries to test your crowdsourced software
  • Virtual Staff Finder
    Allows a Phillipines-based organization to help you highlight the right Executive Assistant, Content Writer VA, SEO Specialist, or programmer according to your needs
  • Wooshii
    Allows you to find video makers or producers for your projects
  • Writeswap
    The content marketplace which allows you to hire a writer


  • AngelList
    Where investors meet startups
  • Chargify
    Circumvent hassle out of charging for recurring revenue subscriptions– “You Build, we Bill”
  • G2 Crowd
    Review business software and services. Work on crowdsourced Gartner/Forrester research without the added burden of the heavy cost
  • GnuCash
    An free, open source software for Accounting
  • Infolicious
    Produce infographic and video at low cost
  • InternMatch
    Allows you to publish your intern opportunities
  • LaunchRock
    Allows you to stir interest and build audience while you develop your startup by setting up a Launching Soon page within minutes
  • Lean Canvas
    Solves the problem of writing and maintaining long business plans that seldom get read by using 1-page business model.
  • Lean Canvas Template
    A cost free lean startup canvas template in pdf format
  • MFG.com
    A marketplace for creating physical product ideas
  • Powtoon
    Allows free to paid plans to create website videos, product demo videos, animated presentations and social media video clips
  • Prototyping on Paper App
    Turn hand drawn wireframes into a prototype
  • Screencast-o-Matic
  • Instantly screen capture video sharing in one click by this free screen recorder
  • Sticker Mule
    Gives Access Custom stickers, die cut stickers and laptop skins according to your needs
  • Survey.io
    Creates a customer development survey to test your product/market fit. Create your own by using standard templates included or use KissInsights
  • Unassumer
    Test your lean startup assumptions with ease using this tool
  • WorkMob
    Aids in highlighting quality freelance talent


  • 100s of Tools for Marketers
    Annie Cushing’s Google Spreadsheet with hundreds of tools for marketers
  • 6 dataset lists curated by data scientists
    6 lists that will get you started in finding many open data sources
  • Amazon Public Datasets
    Find and impeccably integrate tons of public data sets into AWS or other cloud-based applications
  • Amazon’s Most Popular Tags
    Amazon’s most popular categories can be accessed through this tool
  • American FactFinder
    Find popular facts such as population and income by searching for state, county, city, town or zip code
  • Consumer Barometer
    Offers insights on online and offline information sources in their product purchases by the consumers.
  • Crowdsourcing Examples
    View examples of crowdsourcing businesses, projects, brands, etc. from this wiki catalogue
  • DMA Mailing List
    Helps you look for out for several mailing lists and publications related to all sorts of topics and niches
  • DMA Profiles and Maps
    Every DMA (designated market area)’s map and profile in the US
  • Ebay Pulse
    Helps you find trends
  • FreeLunch.com
    Get Demographic, Economic and Financial Data without paying anything
  • iCharts
    Get access to several charts from around the world in business, economy, technology and more.
  • LinkedIn Skills & Expertise Page
    Find professionals, related skills and most popular skill searches.
  • Magazines.com
    A website with all the magazines in publication
  • MixRank
    Your competitors online ads can get exposed through this software
    North American Industry Classification System –Businesses are classified using this standard by Federal statistical agencies to classify businesses
  • Noodle Tools
    A list of search tools that give the best search results for your required information
  • Oddity Software Databases
    Build your site or improve your site by the content provided by these databases.
  • Open Status Search
    Allows you to search Facebook without logging in
  • Oxbridge Standard Periodical Directory
    An complete list of magazines, periodicals, newsletters, college papers, newspapers, and journals. Roughly 60,000 can be accessed through this software
  • Pew Internet Data Tools
    The Pew Internet and American Life Project’s latest reports, infographics, statistics and data can be trended by through this tool
  • Prizm Clusters by Zip Code
    Use zip code for finding demographics and psychographics
  • Quantcast.com
    A given URL’s traffic and demographic insights are accessed through this software
  • Rhymer.com
    Find rhyming words within seconds
  • RSS Research Hub
    An RSS feed Search Engine
  • Squidoo Top 100 Lenses
    Helps you find out the trending items with great ease
  • StatWing
    Perform data analysis using this software. Gain valuable perceptions through an intuitive interface after uploading your dataset
  • The Kickback Machine
    Analyze previous kickstarter projects using this tool and see the parts that worked and vice versa
  • Think with Google
    Allows you to view and analyze consumer trends, marketing insights and industry research
  • Topsy
    A platform that provides real-time social insights
  • Typealyzer
    This tool employs Myers-Briggs methodology to give information about any blogger and helps you analyze a blog
  • Way Back Machine
    View the past(look and style) of a website


  • 71 lbs
    Allows your late delivery shipping refunds to be automatically collected and audited
  • DataFeedr
    Affiliate Datafeed Store Creator by circumventing Programming
  • Digital Goods Store
    This transparent service allows you to use PayPal as a method of payment to sell downloads and host your downloadable media through Amazon S3.
  • Dropship.com
    Use a single point of connection to manage all your drop shipping
  • eCommHub
    Allows online stores to perform drop-shipping through this software platform – third-party vendors, distributors, suppliers, or fulfillment centers can be managed automatically
  • Invodo
    A complete solution which allows you to build your brand, exhibit your products and engage with your customers through an online video.
  • Kole Imports
    This tool is a Dollar store Merchandise and Wholesale closeout supplier for 99cent stores
  • Payvment
    Cross-Facebook Social Commerce Platform and the best social storefront which allows you to rapidly grow your business and launch your free store with this tool
  • PopShops
    A search storefront for data feeds, coupons and product comparison
  • Rich Snippet Generator
    Allows valuable and bulky data snippets to be generated for E-Commerce sites
  • Sellbox
    Enables you to use Dropbox as an ecommerce platform
  • Shipwire
    Allows you to order fulfillment service for e-commerce like warehousing, order management, fulfillment and payments
  • Simplx
    “Next Generation Dropshipping”
  • Spree
    Ruby on Rails is used to power this 100% open source e-commerce platform which was designed to make upgrades and customization as simple as possible.
  • Staples EWay
    Connect your merchant account at your bank using this Payment gateway
  • SteelHouse
    This software is a Behavioral commerce platform which features real time onsite offers, dynamic retargeting and other technology features.
  • Stripe
    This payment solution allows you to take action without the need for a merchant account or gateway by handling everything, including storing cards, subscriptions, and direct payouts to your bank account
  • TheFind
    A shopping engine which allows retail comparison where you are free to shopping feeds are submitted for free
  • Ultimate Guide to Drop-shipping
    Drop-shipping’s comprehensive guide
  • Upshot Commerce
    Start or transfer a cross channel, convergent commerce system including inventory, order, customer service and shipping/fulfillment management by using this suite of enterprise-ready features
  • Wholesale Central
    A platform for wholesale
  • World Wide Brands
    Access certified drop-shipping suppliers since 1999 through this drop-shipping database


  • Cranky Ads
    Allows WordPress bloggers to access this plugin and advertising management system
  • Digg Digg
    A social media sharing bar with an elegant outlook
  • Editorial Calendar
    Manage all your posts through this editorial calendar editorial calendar which features a drag and drop interface
  • Gravity Forms
    Advanced and easy to use Form building feature benefiting over 400,000 WordPress sites. It allows you to create posts, include image and media uploads, use conditional logic, and much more.
  • Link Library
    WordPress Plugin that adds the ability to produce a list of link categories and a comprehensive list of links with notes and descriptions, powered by Ajax.
  • NextGEN Gallery Voting
    Users can to vote on NextGEN Galleries and Images using this WordPress plugin
  • Ninja Affiliate
    This Paid plugin allows you to have power to manage and affiliate links
  • Revision Control
    Revision Control allows you to limit the number of revisions saved in WordPress Stores since several amendments of your posts and pages saved on WordPress can bloat your site.
  • RSSImport
    RSS Feeds can easily be added to Blog posts and Pages.
  • SEO Smart Links
    Allows custom keyword lists to build internal links automatically
  • Simple URLs
    A complete URL management system that allows you to use custom post types and 301 redirects to create, manage, and track outbound links from your site
  • Super RSS Reader
    Allows you to display the RSS feeds in a jQuery based reader widget in an attractive way
  • Thank Me Later
    Allows you to send an e-mail to those who comment on your blog automatically say ‘Thanks’ to your visitors, and keep them interested to get involved further in your blog.
  • Tweet Old Posts
    Allows you to keep your old posts active and attract more traffic by tweeting about your old posts.
  • Viral Lock
    Disclose premium content to only those user who Facebook Like, Google+1 or Tweet about your site and make your site go viral
  • W3 Total Cache
    Allows you to cache browser, page, object, database, minify and content delivery network support and improve site performance and user experience
  • WordPress Duplicator
    Backup, copy and clone your WordPress sites using this free plugin
  • WP Antivirus
    Keeps you safe from any like attack by monitoring malicious injections and warning you
  • WP DB Manager
    This DB management tool allows you to optimize, repair, backup, restore, delete the backup database for WordPress


  • AgoraPulse
    Appart from contest and promotion, this tool uniquely detailed competitor benchmarking, fan ranking and personalized content recommendations.
  • BirdFeud
    Provide a social media-enabled debate tool and help businesses reach the target audience by bringing customer communication beyond traditional commenting on blogs.
  • Boostlikes
    Helps you to get 100% real likes to your Facebook fan page, company website, and more and boost your reputation
  • Buffer
    Allows you to schedule your social media posts with ease
  • Cloze
    Allows you to check the activity of the people in your social network, respond to them, like them or re-tweet them directly from this interface
  • Commun.it
    Keep a track of your followers and interactions and roll up the activity into an action-driven dashboard by using this management tool for twitter
  • Crowdbooster
    Allows you to perform analyses to find out the best times to engage your social network
  • Cyfe
    Allows you to monitor everything, from social media, analytics, marketing, sales to support and infrastructure
  • dlvr.it
    Solution for content sharing
  • Facebook Ad Campaign Power Editor
    Allows you to build Facebook ad campaigns in a much more powerful way than Facebook’s standard ad manager by just uploading and downloading frequently.
  • Followerwonk
    Allows you to measure your social graph by finding, researching and connecting with Twitter followers
  • GaggleAmp
    A platform for social media marketing that allows companies to enhance their social media reach by leveraging individual employees, customers and partners
  • Get Satisfaction
    You can build customer engagement, acquire more customers, enhance customer service, and drive product innovation by using this community platform used by all companies regardless of their size
  • GrabInBox
    Several social media accounts such as Facebook, LinkedIn and Twitter can easily be managed by using this platform
  • Ideal Length of Everything Online
    Allows you to use as many words as possible for any piece of content
  • Intigi
    Find and share awesome content through this Content marketing software
  • ManageFlitter
    This software behaves as your twitter management client and helps you with power posting, follower management, analytics and powerful search to highlight new followers
  • Mention
    Allows you to monitor social media by creating alerts for brand, industry, company, name or competitors and receive useful insights from the web and social web
  • Pinalytics
    Allow you to perform Pinterest’s analysis
  • Reachli
    Analytics Tool for pinterest
  • Rebel Mouse
    Allows you to converge and view all of your social media feeds into a Pinterest-style collage page
  • Refollow
    Twitter followers can easily be followed through this platform
  • Search Twitter Bios
    From Followerwonk – find twitter users by using keyword search
  • SocialBro
    Allows you to get a deep understanding of your Twitter community: followers location, industry, languages, online status and more
  • SocialOomph
    Allows you to schedule Tweets, Auto DM your new followers, track Twitter keywords and a lot more
  • SocialToaster
    Allows you to use gamification to boost sharing of your brand-related content to drive brand promotion
  • SquidUtils
    Enhance your Lenses on Squidoo by using utilities and tools featured in this software
  • Traackr
    Users can recognize, explore, and engage with influencers through this social media application
  • Twimac
    Twitter Followers can be bought through this platform
  • TwitrCovers
    Get twitter header images, covers and backgrounds for free
  • Wibiya
    Your website’s social bar that is customized for each visitor
  • YouTube Audience Retention Report
    An overview of your video’s ability to maintain its audience


  • Appgratis
    Free app a day, which works better with AppGratis, can enhance your mobile app downloads
  • AppGyver
    A fast way to build mobile application by circumventing coding with free signup
  • AppLinks
    Open, cross platform standards to link mobile app-to-app
  • Fries
    Uses HTML, CSS, and Javascript for mobile UI development framework for Android apps
  • HowToGoMo
    Find mobile developers from Google to build your mobile site and build a free mobile version of your website
  • Proto.io
    Allows you to design fully-interactive, high-fidelity prototypes for mobile apps promptly


  • Broken Link Checker
    This tool is a free, web-based checker for broken links checker
  • Content Strategy Generator Tool
    Generate content ideas around your marketing niche using this google spreadsheet
  • Free Adwords Copy Builder
    Build AdWords copy with preview and character count from this simple spreadsheet
  • Guest Post Query Generator
    Google spreadsheet for identifying guest posting opportunities. Just follow the instruction at: http://goo.gl/mI0GE
  • Keyword Organizer
    A windows-based CSV files organizer for the Google Keyword Tool which also helps you to create SEO-optimized documents
  • Keyword Project Manager
    A keyword management, research and analysis tool which aims to reduce the time, effort, and money in finding the target keywords
  • Richard Baxter’s Excel Plugin
    Pull keyword research data by using Excel plugin and AdWords API
  • SEER SEO Toolbox
    A toolbox for SEO’s – a hub of all the tools, created for marketers of programmers
  • Spelling Typo Generator
    For Awords campaigns, domain research, etc. this software can allow you to generate spelling errors of a word


  • 750 Free Glyphs
    Google’s open sourced Material Design system icons pack contains icons commonly used by different apps, such as media playback, communication, content editing, connectivity etcetera. A Useful asset for web, Android and iOS
  • 9 Free Wireframe and Mockup Applications
    Allows you to modify your designs
  • 960 Grid
    Rapidly deploy comps by using this free Photoshop Template – PSD contains guides, margins, gutters, 12-columns
  • Adobe Muse
    Create HTML websites by skipping coding for desktop and mobile devices
  • Any Old Icon
    A set of unconventional, yet high quality icons designed in the form of vectors with a web-font to use in your CSS.
  • Axure RP
    Allows you to create Interactive HTML Prototypes of Apps and Websites
  • Balsamiq Mockups
    Work and collaborate with ease with the help of this wireframing tool
  • Behance
    Allows creative work to be displayed and discovered
  • Blurb.com
    Allows you to beautify and print your e-books
  • Brand Identity Style Guides from Around the World
    Get your design and layout inspiration from this list of links to 65 brand identity style guides
  • Browsershots
    Use a different browser and platform configurations to view your website
  • Cafepress
    A platform for you to market and sell your designs, photos and images
  • Canva
    Perform graphic designing by this simple web-based tool
  • CleanCSS
    Allow you CSS code to be Cleaned, optimized and compressed
  • Color Scheme Designer 3
    Allows you to enhance your designs by giving you the best color schemes
  • Color Trends + Palettes
    Get motivation by sharing your designs
  • Cool Infographics Blog
    Highlight infographics for your projects
  • Creative Commons
    Gives access to licensed images, videos and other media to use for your web projects
  • Creative Mornings
    Allows the creative types to listen to global breakfast lecture series in which each monthly event is free of cost and includes a 20 minute talk
  • Creative Sandbox from Google
    These marketing campaigns juxtapose creative genius with digital innovation and allow you to see the trendy stuff, learn how it was done and vote on the ones you like.
  • Creatr
    Web 2.0 Logo creator
  • CSS Gradient Generator
    Get the CSS code create a gradient visually
  • CSS3 Generator
    Create CSS code visually.
  • CSS3 Maker
    Create CSS code visually.
  • Cupcake Ipsum
    dummy text generator or in other words, a Lorem Ipsum generator
  • DaFont.com
    Allows you to search for font without costing anything
  • Dribble
    An answer to the question: what are you working on? This is show and tell for designers
  • Dummy Image Generator
    Create dummy placeholder images.by generating lorem ipsum for images
  • Dunked
    Showcase your work for free without coding by creating an online portfolio
  • easel.ly
    Produce and share visual ideas online
  • FFFFound
    Allows you to share and Bookmark images
  • FlickrCC
    A search engine which allows you to find Creative Commons licensed photos on Flickr
  • FluidUI
    A tool for Mobile prototype development for iOS, Android and Windows Apps
  • Font Awesome
    Allows you to customize scalable vector icons according to size, color, drop shadow, and anything that the CSS can allow
  • Font Combinations
    Access interesting articles with 10 great Google font combinations
  • Font Generator
    Use your own owm handwriting to make your own font
  • Font Squirrel
    Allows you to convert free fonts and web font
  • Font2Web
    Allows .ttf (TrueType Font) or .otf (OpenType Font) file to be converted to .ttf, .otf, .eot, .woff and .svg files and a CSS file and a demo HTML to be created easily
  • FontPark
    A hub of 70,000 free fonts.
  • Fotor
    Use templates, or start from scratch to create banners which are browser-based without the need of a photo editor
  • Free Fonts
    Find free fonts using this search engine
  • FyFont
    This search engine enhances your designs by finding fonts for them.
  • Glyphr
    A font design tool based on HTML 5
  • GoMoMeter
    Access the display and outlook of your site on mobile devices
  • IAB Rising Star Ad Units
    IAB Rising Star Ad Units which provide free code base and documentation to construct the latest, high performance ad units
  • IcoMoon App
    This platform allows you to browse 3800+ free Vector icons, introduce your own vectors to create icons, produce sprites and custom/crisp fonts
  • Icon Finder
    Find icons using this search engine
  • Icon Seeker
    Find icons using this search engine
  • Iconic
    Allows you to find a dynamic, flexible, receptive and easily modified and styled icon system
  • Image Map Tool
    A tool which allows basic online image mapping
  • Infogr.am
    Allows you to  create Infographics and online charts
  • Jing
    Capture images and video and share them with anyone instantly
  • Kuler
    An application for generating color themes that can inspire and motivate any project hosted on the web
  • Logopond
    Allows brand and identity design to get inspiration for designs
  • Loop11
    Navigate and assess usability issues through this online user experience testing tool
  • Lorem Ipsum
    Dummy Text Generator for generating Lorem Ipsum
  • Lorempixel
    Create placeholder images for web design or print through The Lorem Ipsum generator for images
  • Mobile Phone Emulator
    A simulator for many different phone models and versions
  • MugTug – Darkroom
    A web application based on HTML 5, which allows you to edit and archive photos and images
  • Murally
    This online whiteboard is designed to visually organize ideas and collaborate in an interesting and engaging way
  • Muse Templates
    Allows you to download Adobe Muse Templates based on subscriptions with low cost and unlimited downloads
  • MyFonts
    Search engine for recognizing fonts
  • Niice
    Allows you to extract content from top sources such as Dribbble and Behance
  • Online Image Map Tool 2
    Creating image maps using this online tool
  • PasteHTML
    Enables you to test HTML and CSS anonymously by simply pasting and rendering
  • Peek
    See how usable your website it by allowing people to visit your site and record a 5 minute video with audio to share their experience for free
  • Photos8.org
    Free stock photography
  • Photoshop Actions
    Teaches you how to create your own photoshop actions with 100 Free photoshop actions that can save a lot of your time
  • Photoshop Brushes
    Access 2,000 free brushes for photoshop
  • Photoshop Shapes
    Allows you to ger started by using this large collection of photoshop shapes
  • PiktoChart
    This amazing interface allows non-designers to create infographics and presentation material on web. Gives access to a fine set of templates for the free account with enhancements for the ones who pay.
  • Pixabay
    Allows you to use public domain images for private and commercial use limitlessly
  • Pixorial
    An online platform for creating videos with 7GB free storage, sharing capabilities and mobile app integration
  • Premium Pixels
    Allows Web Designers from Orman Clark to use these Free PSDs and Resources
  • PSD Collector
    Get Graphic Design Inspiration, Resources & Tutorials from this tool
  • PSD Graphics
    Find Photoshop .psd graphics, templates, backgrounds from this useful resource
  • Public Domain Image Resources
    Find public domain images for your website for free
  • Public Domain Images
    Find use public domain images from this large list of all the sources for free commercial and personal use
  • Readability Test
    Allows you to assess if the content of your website is readable
  • Screenfly
    View and test your web design on different devices.
  • Showit
    An Adobe Air application that allows you to skip coding and create and publish a Flash website in a drag and drop environment
  • Skyfonts
    Allows you to synchronize Google fonts with your desktop
  • Smashing Magazine
    This is a design magazine which showcases work, provides tutorials and highlights free icons, templates, PSD’s etc.
  • Spectrum from Shutterstock
    Use keyword and color to search Shutterstock’s photos in excess of 22 million
  • Splashbase
    Find free, public domain high resolution photos
  • SplashThat
    A free tool which allows you to make stunning customized websites for your event within minutes
  • Subtle Patterns
    Enhance your design project by getting free textures from this software
  • Subtle Patterns
    Get hundreds of patterns for free
  • Taggstar
    Make images on your website interactive and create rollover hotspots on images by using this free tool
  • Tagxedo
    Display famous speeches, news articles, slogans and themes, websites, tweets, RSS and other word sources in a graphic word cloud
  • The Grid System
    Framworks for Design projects.
  • The Noun Project
    Satiate your icon needs by using this massive collection of icons
  • Trimble Sketchup
    Enables 3-D Renderings to be built
  • Tutorial Vault
    A search engine for tutorials which includes tutorials for photoshop, Illustrator, Flash, 3D Max, Photography, InDesign, Programming and Fireworks
  • Tuts+
    Allows you learn Web Development, Graphic Design, Motion Graphics, and more
  • Typecast
    Allows you to design your type and use Typecast to create visual and semantic designs and later check for readability, rendering and aesthetics then share a working model
  • UI Toolkit
    Create UI’s by using over 300 premium design elements featured in this software for free
  • UI Toolkit
    Quicken your design workflow in just $8 by using the essential UI design resources
  • Unbounce
    Build landing pages and conduct a/b tests in a fast and easy manner
  • Unused CSS
    Filter redundant or unused CSS rules in your website’s code.
  • User OnBoarding
    Gain insights by learning from the signup experiences of popular web apps
  • Userlytics
    Test the usability of prototypes, videos, mobile apps, display ads, search and social behavior, desktop and web applications
  • Vectorials
    Search and find Adobe tutorials for Illustrator vector
  • Verify
    Get user feedback on your mockups or full designs in a fast way
  • Videoblocks
    Allows you to download royalty-free stock footage, motion backgrounds, production music, sound effects, After Effects templates and more through subscription based resources
  • Visua.ly
    Create infographics by buying from the marketplace and having designers tailor your infographic according to your requirements or use social profiles to build infographics
  • Visual.ly
    Create Infographic by using your Google analytics data
  • Web Design Workspace for Photoshop
    Produce web page designs by using this photoshop workspace that provides an efficient layout
  • Web Font Hosting Services
    An overview of web font hosting services to help you figure out the optimum one
  • Wegraphics
    Get graphics, brushes, icons, vectors, mockups and textures through free and low-cost subscription
  • What the Font
    A search engine for image-based Font Recognition
  • Wikimedia Commons
    Access over over 16 million free files which include licensed images, sound files, and other media
  • Wireframing Design Stencils
    Use design stencils for wireframing from Yahoo (Visio, Axure, OmniGraffle, SVG, etc.)
  • Wires from Quirk Tools
    Use your browser to build wireframes.
  • Wirify
    Free browser plugin to turn any page into a wireframe diagram
  • Wirify
    Create a wireframe diagram from any web page using this bookmarklet
  • YouEye
    Allows you to test usability in fast way and learn what your customers like, dislike, and find unclear about your site.


  • 3Character.com
    Get good understanding into the market for domain name selling by analyzing what 3-letter domains are being bought
  • AWS Free Usage Tier
    Try Amazon’s cloud computing/cloud hosting for free
  • Bluehost
    The best web hosting solution which is used and trusted by millions
  • Cloudflare
    Analyze the performance and security of your website, free for enterprise plans
  • CTF365
    A portal that gives IT professionals security training
  • Domain Name Analyzer
    Free Windows software that enables your product or business to find the best domain name
  • Godaddy
    Find everything from domain names and website builders to complete eCommerce solutions here
  • Host Gator
    Since its establishment in 2002, HostGator has been a leader in providing web hosting service
  • Namecheap
    Allows registration for cheap domain names
  • NameMesh
    Fish simple and intellectual domain name
  • Norse
    Visualize DDoS attacks in real-time
  • Pool.com
    Find and lock premium, dropped and backordered domains
  • Protrada
    Buy and sell domains through this domain exchange
  • Reverse IP Check
    Allows you to enter a domain or IP address to find other sites hosted on a web server
  • Robtex
    The swiss army knife domain tool
  • SnapNames
    A podium for domain name auction: Find occupied and terminated domains
  • TLD List
    A helpful reference of Top Level Domain names – .com, .net or .co is your top level domain name (TLD).
  • Weebly
    Allows you to build a website for free
  • Who.is
    Lookup tool for domain


  • 301 Redirect Checker
    Checks and ensures proper implementation of 301 redirects
  • Big Dates Solutions
    Implement a turnkey reminder service for your applications
  • Browserling
    An application  for interactive, cross-browser testing which is free for dedicated plans
  • BrowserStack
    A paid application for cross-browser testing with free trial
  • BuiltWith
    The back-end technology powering any domain including analytics, e-commerce, content management system, and more can be analyzed by using this tool
  • Bukisa
    This tool allows you to learn from other’s content, share your content, and receive premium benefits from your knowledge
  • Buyer’s Guide
    A big list of buyer’s guides from Visibility Magazine for everything from Link Building to SEO firms to Display advertising and everything in between.
  • Cloudflare
    This platform tests web site performance and gives security service which is free to enterprise plans
  • Compete.com
    Acquire any website’s traffic information
  • Contributor from Google
    A substitute for using advertisements for funding your website
  • Create a Clickable Map
    Allows you to create a flash based, fully customizable and clickable map for your website which is free to create one map and requires a small fee to save a map for future modifications.
  • CTF365
    Allows IT professionals to acquire security training
  • Disclosure Policy
    This site allows your blog’s  disclosure policy to be generated
  • DNS Queries
    Access Sys Admin’s Network tools
  • Feed Validator
    Ensure that your RSS feeds work with both ATOM and RSS
  • Feedjit Rush
    Market and advertise across a large blog network by targeting 2 Million audiences or targeting 6 Million Global Ad impressions for just $49
  • Fiddler
    Web Debugging Proxy which logs all HTTP(S) traffic between your computer and the Internet, allowing you to inspect all HTTP(S) traffic, set breakpoints, and “fiddle” with incoming or outgoing data.
  • Free Privacy Policy Generator
    Generate a free privacy policy for your website by answering a series of questions
  • Fruitful
    Filters high quality content to enhance your website
  • Google Analytics Configuration Tool
    An easy way to setup Google Analytics without the hassle of searching for the right code, From Raven SEO
  • Google Analytics Regular Expressions Cheat Sheet
    Cheat sheet for coding regular expressions in GA advanced tracking
  • Google Analytics URL Builder
    Build any Google Analytics tracking URL by using this tool from Facebook
  • Google Maps Engine Lite
    A platform for creating powerful custom maps
  • Hash Tracking
    Get real-time comprehensions for Twitter hashtags by tracking your hashtag campaigns or favorite hashtags
  • HTTP Viewer
    See exactly what response your http request is getting from the server
  • Image Raider
    Enquire who your photos are being used by
  • InLinkz
    Allows you to access link-ups, blog hops and product lists using the blogging tools
  • loader.io
    Stress test your web-apps/apis against thousands of concurrent connections through this free load testing service
  • loads.in
    Use a real browser to test how fast your url loads from over 50 worldwide locations
  • Moodle
    A Free application that allows educators to create effective online learning sites. A Course Management System (CMS), also known as a Learning Management System (LMS) or a Virtual Learning Environment (VLE).
  • MyBlogGuest
    A community of guest bloggers
  • New Relic
    Performance management tool for applications such as Ruby, PHP, Python, Java and .Net based applications
  • Ontolo
    Automate and manage the manual tasks, searches and track processes of link building by using this tool for link building
  • Outbrain
    Get article, mobile and video content recommendation for your site and on premium publisher sites and reveal it to highly engaged audiences
  • PagePeeker
    Create Website Screenshots automaticlly
  • PageTrawler
    A tool for auditing content and mapping site
  • Perfect Audience
    A platform for retargeting Facebook
  • Platform for Privacy Preferences (P3P) Project
    Allows websites to be retrieved automatically and interpreted easily by user agents by enabling websites to express their privacy practices in a standard format
  • Qualaroo
    conversion optimization opportunities by using the insights provided by this software for customer behavior
  • Quantcast.com
    A given URL’s traffic and demographic insights are retrieved using this tool
  • Quick DNS Check
    DNS zone is checked through this page by performing a set of checks on your name servers and email servers and recommending actions to improve your setup.
  • Rainforest
    On-Demand QA Team which is infinitely scalable
  • Refinery
    Content Management System based on a modular and extendable Ruby on Rails
  • Regexinator
    Juxtapose large amounts of data through Google Analytics RegEx builder
  • RhymeZone.com
    A free dictionary for rhyming words which allows you to find words that rhyme, nearly rhyme, contain other advanced word smiting searches.
  • Robots.txt Generator
    Allows Robots.txt File to be generated
  • RSSMix
    Obtain one RSS feed by merging multiple RSS feeds
  • Run Cron Jobs Remotely
    A low-cost resource to run cron jobs in hosting environments which don’t allow them to be executed
  • Saucelabs
    Allows web and mobile applications to be tested across all platforms and languages.
  • Scribe
    Create smarter website content and share your social content in a better way to get higher search engine rankings for the content by using this content marketing software
  • Server Check.in
    Simple and inexpensive to monitor website and server uptime
  • Shrink the Web
    Capture, crop, shrink website screenshots online or through code
  • Skyword
    A fast and efficient way to manage, measure, and optimize your content production
  • StatCounter
    Allows you to access global browser stats by country/region, OS, Browser or browser version etcetera
  • Sucuri
    Use this Free Website Malware Scanner to protect your site from being compromised
  • Synnd
    Enables you to promote content, initiate natural inbound links and produce immediate traffic
  • Unmask Parasites
    Secure your site from hackers exploiting the loopholes web software
  • urlQuery
    Detect malicious content on websites by testing and analyzing URLs using this free online service
  • Video Embed Link Generator
    After your video gets embedded, this tool allows you to automatically create a backlink to your site
  • W3 Schools RSS Feed Validator
    This service allows the free validation of  W3C Feed through which the syntax of Atom or RSS feeds gets checked
  • Web Page Test
    A tool recommended by Google which allows you to assess the speed of your website and the way it renders on mobile
  • Wufoo
    A powerful builder with survey capabilities, conditional fields, extensive analytics and reporting capabilities based on Ajax
  • Yext
    Allows you to update your business info on 35+ sites instantly, use photos & specials to power up your listings with, monitor reviews, and track your results!
  • YouConvertIt
    Convert any type file format into other types using this online utility
  •  Zamzar
    Free online tool for converting files