Best Web Hosting for Small Businesses in 2015


Small Business Web Hosting Solutions

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As a small business owner, you likely know the importance of having a strong web presence in this day and age. Regardless of the type of business you run, you really do need a web presence to compete in the modern world.

You don’t have to have a super fancy website or a blog you update daily, but you should definitely have at least a basic website.

Websites are Important

If you own a small business, you surely have a lot on your plate already. It’s not easy being a successful entrepreneur!

If you’re looking to establish a website for your business, you’ve come to the right place. With tools like WordPress it’s quite easy to make a professional looking website by yourself, but it’s important to choose a good host.

You can build a top-notch website, but without a quality host, your site will not run well and your visitors will leave, costing you money!

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There are a ton of companies providing small business hosting, so it can be hard to choose the right one. Luckily for you, we have already done the legwork.

Below you will find our list of the best web hosting for small businesses in 2015. We did extensive research while developing this list so that you wouldn’t have to.

We have included brief descriptions of the top 5 companies, as well as an explanation as to why we included them on this list. Read on for details!

Top 10 Hosting Services for Small Businesses in 2015

10. - Plans Starting at $49/yr*
9. - Plans Starting at $3.75/mo*
8. - Plans Starting at $3.96/mo*
7. - Plans Starting at $3.49/mo*
6. - Plans Starting at $2.75/mo*



Established in 2003, is massive Utah-based web services firm. Over the last decade they have worked very hard to establish themselves as a leader in the hosting industry.

From top-notch server hardware and technology to award-winning customer service, Bluehost has truly set an example for their competition.

Why They Made the List

We often recommend Bluehost to our readers for a variety of hosting needs. They offer a good selection of plans to fit any size of business.

The term “small business” is rather vague, but whether you’re a small mom and pop shop or a large ecommerce business, you can find the right plan for you at Bluehost.

Plus, everything these guys sell comes with amazing customer service, available round-the-clock from USA-based employees.

What They Offer

Bluehost offers a lot of hosting packages, from shared servers (starting at just $3.95 per month) all the way up to dedicated servers that will run you up to $124.99 per month.

For most small businesses, we recommend their Plus Shared plan. It costs only $6.95 per month (when you prepay for 36 months), and provides unlimited websites, bandwidth, and storage, plus a free domain name registration!

And again, if you need a more advanced plan, there are a ton of options with Bluehost, so shop around!

Plans Starting at $3.95/mo*

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ipage-hosting is a one stop shop for all your web service needs. They provide just about everything you could need to establish a professional web presence, all in one place.

They are based in the USA, offer very reasonable pricing, and come highly recommended from a huge list of satisfied customers.

Why They Made the List

We recommend ipage to small business owners because it’s easy and quick. Most hosts are just hosts – meaning they provide server space and bandwidth, and not much else. ipage, on the other hand, can handle everything.

You can visit their website with zero web development experience, and walk away a few hours later with a professional website and a great hosting package, all for a very reasonable price.

For busy business owners, ipage is a great choice.

What They Offer

Amazingly, ipage is also the cheapest option on this list.

Their Essential hosting plan, which is perfect for any webmaster with relatively low traffic, is only $1.99 per month if you purchase at least 24 months at a time (it’s $2.50 per month for a 12 month term).

This plan includes unlimited storage and bandwidth, and a very useful script library to make building your site a breeze. All plans include excellent customer service and a FREE domain name registration!

And if you need a more advanced plan, ipage offers WordPress hosting, VPS plans, and dedicated servers, all at very reasonable rates.

Plans Starting at $1.99/mo*

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Founded in 2001, is a large and very professional hosting company based in the USA. They currently boast more than 45,000 satisfied customers and employ 180+ skilled employees.

They specialize in hosting but they also provide a wide array of web services, including web development and more.

Why They Made the List

We recommend webhostinghub to small business owners because they are a very professional company with a long track record of quality service and excellent customer support.

They are a great choice for those with little to no web development experience, because they can literally handle the entire process for you if you want.

They also include a ton of freebies in all their hosting plans, which is really helpful for a business owner on a tight budget.

What They Offer

Webhostinghub offers 3 basic shared plans that are great for most small business owners. They also have dedicated servers, VPS plans, and more available for webmasters with more established portfolios.

For most of our readers, we recommend their Nitro small business hosting package. It costs only $6.99 per month, and includes unlimited storage and bandwidth.

The Nitro package also includes a free domain name registration ($10+ value), a free website builder, $75 in Google Adwords credit (to promote your new website), and much more!

Please note that the $6.99 per month price quoted is for a 36 month term. The price goes up to $8.99 for a 12 month term or $7.99 for a 24 month term.

Plans Starting at $4.99/month*

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hostgator-web-hosting, based out of Texas, is a large hosting company with more than 400,000 current customers. Since their humble beginnings in 2002 they have grown exponentially, and now control more than 12,000 servers!

They are one of the top 10 largest hosts in the world. They offer a good variety of plans and very reasonable pricing.

Why They Made the List

For small business owners, hostgator is a good choice because they make things easy. They are one of the more “household names” in the hosting industry, so they market their services more towards beginners than towards experienced webmasters.

So if you have little or no web development experience, they’re a great choice. And even if you are a more seasoned webmaster, they offer a good variety of plans at reasonable prices, so you really can’t go wrong.

What They Offer

Although hostgator has a lot of options, we recommend the Baby plan to most of our readers.

It’s priced at just $6.36/month for a 36 month term, or $7.96/month for a 12 month term. It provides unlimited bandwidth, unlimited domains, and unlimited storage.

All Hostgator plans also include some very useful tools like a free website builder, and access to more than 4500 free website templates!

There is a cheaper plan available for as little as $3.96 per month, but it only allows 1 domain/website.

Plans Starting at: $3.96/month*

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inmotionhosting, a mid-sized California-based firm, is quickly becoming a favorite host amongst seasoned webmasters. Not only do they have state-of-the-art server hardware and highly advanced technologies, they also offer some of the best customer service in the industry.

Their support reps receive an incredible 160 hours of rigorous training before they are considered ready to assist customers.

All support agents are US-based and speak fluent English – and they’re really capable of handling any problem you may come across.

Why They Made the List

We love recommending inmotion because they really stand behind their products, and because they have what we consider to be the best customer support in the industry.

As a small business owner, you surely know the importance of choosing good business partners. We believe you should treat your web host like a business partner, and vice versa. With inmotion, you will really feel like you matter to them.

They help and support all their clients, large and small, which is the main reason we believe they offer the best web hosting for small businesses in 2015.

What They Offer

You may be thinking that a company with such good services must be expensive, but that simply is not the case. Inmotionhosting is quite affordable.

Their Launch hosting package costs only $5.99 per month, and provides all you need to host up to 2 websites. For most readers, though, we recommend their Power plan, priced at $7.99 per month. It provides double the resources of the Launch plan, and allows up to 6 websites.

All their plans include a free domain name registration, a free 1-click installer with more than 310 applications, free data backups, and much more! Plus, everything is backed by a 90-day money-back guarantee!

Plans Starting at $5.99/mo*

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Wrapping Up

We truly hope that the resources above help you to make the right decision when it comes to choosing a web host.

We believe that any host on this list would be a great choice, it just depends on your budget and your needs. Good luck with your online ventures!