Best Shared Hosting Providers for 2015


Shared Web Hosting Solutions

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In the 21st century, webmasters have a huge array of options when it comes to choosing a hosting plan. There are countless companies out there offering comparable services, and each company offers a number of different types and plans. If you’re on a tight budget, your best bet is likely shared hosting.

What is Shared Hosting?

So, what exactly is shared web hosting?

Well, it’s just like it sounds – it’s a plan where you and many other webmasters share the resources of a single server. While a webmaster with a large portfolio of high-traffic sites likely needs a dedicated server to themselves, smaller webmasters with lighter portfolios don’t need anywhere near the amount of resources offered by a dedicated server.

The solution is sharing!

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Benefits of Shared Hosting

By purchasing a shared plan, you can get the resources and bandwidth your websites need without breaking the bank. Shared plans are the most affordable type of hosting, and for the majority of small to medium sized web portfolios, they will work perfectly.

And as your site(s) grow, you can always upgrade to a better plan if need be.

If you’ve decided that you want a shared plan, you’ve come to the right place!

There are many shared hosting companies out there, but we have done the hard work for you. We have scoured the Internet to find the best shared web hosting available. Below you will find out top 10 list, along with an explanation of why we chose to recommend each specific host. Enjoy!

Top 10 Shared Web Hosting Providers in 2015

10. - Plans Starting at $49/yr*
9. - Plans Starting at $3.95/mo*
8. - Plans Starting at $3.96/mo*
7. - Plans Starting at $3.96/mo*
6. - Plans Starting at $5.99/mo*



Hostpapa is a New York-based web hosting company that strives to bring customers affordable and efficient web hosting plans. They are a relatively small company, but they are growing fast and have quickly built a solid base of loyal customers.

Their recent success has enabled them to upgrade their server hardware and technology, so now their plans are better than ever!

Why They Made the List

We recommend Hostpapa for a number of reasons.

They are confident in the quality of their services, and offer a 30-day money-back guarantee on all their products.

They also have a 99.9% uptime guarantee, meaning their servers rarely go offline – and if they do, they will be fixed in no time.

What They Offer

Hostpapa has only 1 shared plan available, but it’s a great bargain.

The plan offers unlimited bandwidth, disk storage and websites. It also offers a FREE website builder, free domain registration, and free account setup, as well as $200 in advertising credits (Google Adwords, etc.) to help you get your business started.

The pricing is straightforward – $5.95 per month for a 12-month term, $4.95 per month for a 24-month term, and $3.95 per month for a 36-month term. The more you buy the more you save!

Plans Starting at $3.95/mo*

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Justhost is a large and very affordable web host based in the USA. Their size allows them to offer excellent plans on cutting-edge servers at a fraction of the average industry price.

They are one of the more affordable hosts on this list, yet they still offer great customer service!

Why They Made the List

We like Justhost because they have very affordable pricing, especially if you commit to a longer term than a few months. We also like how easy they make everything. From start to finish, Justhost makes it a breeze to get setup and running. And if anything ever goes wrong, you can count on their customer service to get it all fixed quickly and efficiently!

Since webmasters that choose shared services are often new or inexperienced in the industry, having a simple interface and great support is very important.

What They Offer

The basic package offered by Justhost includes unlimited hosting space, email accounts, data transfer, and domain hosting, as well as free domain name registration, instant setup, and site builder.

It also includes $100 in Google Adwords credit, 1-click installs for a variety of popular apps and interfaces such as WordPress, and much more.

The plan is very affordable if you purchase at least 12 months at a time – 12 months is $3.95/month, 24 months is $3.50/month, and 36 months is $2.75/month – that’s only $99 for 3 months of hosting! It’s one of the best values in the industry.

However, pricing for shorter terms is quite steep – 1 month is $11.99, 3 months is $8.95, and 6 months is $7.95. Clearly it’s better to purchase longer terms with this host.

Plans Starting at $3.95/mo*

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ipage is a large web services provider based in the USA. They provide hosting services, but their main goal is to provide a “one stop shop” for all web services. You can go to ipage with no experience whatsoever and walk away with a fully functional website, with a domain and hosting, for a very reasonable price.

Why They Made the List

We recommend ipage because they offer everything you could possibly need, all in one convenient package.

They are an excellent choice for the beginning webmaster, but they also offer great value packages for established webmasters who only want a hosting package. ipage offers convenient 24/7 phone support from US-based and highly trained support personnel, so if you run into an issue you can be confident that you’ll be in good hands.

What They Offer

The Essential plan at ipage offers great value, and it’s currently the cheapest offer on this list.

It includes unlimited hosting space and data transfer, a free domain registration, free script library, and marketing credits to help you attract traffic to your new site. Amazingly, all that value is packed into the tiny price tag of $1.99 per month!

Keep in mind you must purchase at least 24 months to get this price.

12 month terms are billed at $2.50 per month – which is still a fantastic value! Also – remember to check the regular rates once your term is up. This price is an introductory offer, and will go up quite a bit after the term ends.

Plans Starting at $1.99/month*

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Webhostinghub is a large USA-based web services firm that’s been in operation since 2001. They offer great value hosting plans, as well as a huge variety of other services. They have a complete website building service and are somewhat of a one-stop-shop for all your web needs. They’re a big company with 180+ employees and more than 45,000 satisfied customers

Why They Made the List

We recommend webhosting hub for a number of reasons.

They are great for webmasters of all levels, but they have a special focus on making the entire process easy for beginners.

We like that their support team is well trained and US-based, and we like all the freebies that they include in all their plans.

What They Offer

There are 3 shared plans available, all of which offer great value to customers.

They’re not the cheapest out there, but they’re backed by webhostinghub’s excellent customer support and 90-day money-back guarantee. All 3 plans come with access to a library of 310+ applications, all of which can be installed in minutes – most with just 1 click! They also include $200 in free advertising credits (Google Adwords, Bing, etc.), and a huge amount of other tools to help your business succeed.

Their three plans are Spark ($4.99/month), Nitro ($6.99/month), and Dynamo ($8.99/month). Listed prices reflect 36-month terms – prices are slightly higher for shorter terms. While Spark will be plenty for most webmasters, each plan offers something unique, so be sure to compare them all before making a decision!

Plans Starting at: $4.99/month*

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bluehost-web-hostingBluehost is a very large Utah-based web services firm. Since 2003 they have been providing their customers with great hosting plans at great prices. Their hardware and server technology are top-notch, and their customer service is unmatched

Why They Made the List

Bluehost is the best shared hosting provider because they have some of the fastest and most reliable server hardware in the industry. Their long list of satisfied clients speaks for itself. We also like that they offer a good variety of shared plans to suit all needs and budgets. For those seeking shared hosting, Bluehost is the best choice in our opinion.

What They Offer

The Starter plan, ideal for new webmasters with only 1 website, is offered at $3.95 per month. It includes 100gb of storage, unlimited bandwidth, and $50 in advertising credit. The Starter only allows 1 domain and 1 website, though, so if you plan on hosting multiple sites, you’re better off going with the Plus plan.

The Plus hosting package, priced at $6.95 per month, includes unlimited storage, unlimited bandwidth, unlimited websites, and $200 in promotional advertising credits. It’s the best choice for most webmasters as it gives you the flexibility and resources you need to succeed, at a very reasonable price.

The Business Pro plan is $14.95 per month, and includes the same features as the Plus plan, with more extra features. We don’t recommend it for most users, unless you already plan to purchase many of the included features.

All plans include a FREE domain name registration ($10 value)! All prices quoted are for 36-month terms – prices are a bit higher for shorter terms.

Plans Starting at $3.95/mo*

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Wrapping Up

Now you know the top 10 shared web hosting companies! We honestly believe that any host on this list would be a great choice.

It’s up to you to decide which plan and provider fits your needs and budget the best.

But if you choose a host from this list, you really can’t go wrong!