Best PHP Web Hosting for 2015 – Top 10 PHP Hosting Services

Top PHP Web Hosting Solutions for 2015

Best PHP Web Hosting  for 2015

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If you’re in the market for the best PHP web hosting plan, you’re in for a search!

There are a massive variety of plans available from an equally massive number of providers. How does one even begin to find the right hosting plan?

Well, first of all, you need to determine the type of plan you need – which largely depends on what kind of website(s) you plan to run.

What is PHP Hosting?

Different servers and plans support different coding languages, operating systems, etc.

So, it’s important to understand what type of hosting you and your websites really need. It is quite likely that one or more of your websites will be running PHP scripts, which are used to create dynamic web pages such as log-in pages, shopping carts, etc.

PHP is very common – popular CMS’ like WordPress, Drupal and Joomla all use PHP.

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Top 10 Best PHP Web Hosting Providers in 2015

So, it’s quite likely that you will want web hosting with PHP support. While most servers do have PHP processor modules, not all do, so it’s important to choose wisely.

Thankfully, we have done the hard work for you! Below you will find a list of the top 10 providers that we think offer the best PHP hosting available today. We hope that this list gives you all the tools you need to make the right decision and get the hosting that is perfect for you and your business!






Compared to most of the providers on this list, GreenGeeks is a relatively small company.

But what they lack in size they more than make up for in quality.

This relatively new hosting firm has one simple goal; to provide quality web hosting services to clients of all shapes and sizes, while maintaining green/eco-friendly business practices.

Why They Made the List

Greengeeks is a good choice because all their shared plans support PHP.

We also really like that they make a conscious effort to be eco-friendly by purchasing green energy credits to offset their energy consumption.

The also have excellent customer support, with multiple teams trained to handle different problems efficiently and professionally.

What They Offer

If you’re looking for an affordable shared PHP-supporting plan, the EcoStarter plan is an excellent choice.

It provides unlimited bandwidth and storage and allows for an unlimited number of websites.

Amazingly, it’s priced at just $3.96 when you purchase a 36 month term.

Shorter terms are significantly more expensive – $6.36 per month for 12 months, or $9.95 for 1 month.

Obviously it’s a much better deal to purchase 3 years at a time, if you’re willing to commit to that much.

Plans Starting at $3.96/mo*

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Justhost is a large web hosting firm that has built a solid reputation in the industry.

By offering some of the most affordable packages out there, while maintaining high reliability and service standards, Justhost has built a large base of satisfied customers.

Today they are a big company powering over a million websites, but they still seem to care about the little guys.

Why They Made the List

We always like to recommend justhost because they offer very affordable and very reliable shared hosting.

All their shared plans support PHP and are optimized for efficiency, reliability, and ease of use. We also like that they offer an anytime money-back guarantee.

So if you commit to a 12 month package, and are not satisfied after the first 2 months, you can get a refund for the remaining 10 months!

This takes the stress out of committing to a long term plan. Most hosts offer, at best, a 90-day guarantee – with justhost you can request a refund anytime!

What They Offer

There are 3 shared plans available from Justhost, all of which are PHP compatible and offer excellent value.

The Starter package, priced at $2.50 per month, provides 100 gb of storage, and unlimited bandwidth, but only allows for one website.

The Plus package, priced at $4.50 per month, offers unlimited storage and bandwidth, and allows for unlimited websites.

And for larger portfolios, the Business Pro plan provides over $180 per year in extras, including a dedicated IP, SSL certificate, and much more!

All 3 plans come with a FREE domain name registration, as well.

Plans Starting at $2.50/mo*

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ipage is a large US-based hosting company that currently powers over 1 million websites.

They work with webmasters and businesses large and small to deliver affordable, reliable, and efficient hosting packages.

Why They Made the List

In our opinion, ipage is the most affordable host out there that is still reliable.They have some of the cheapest prices in the industry, but they still provide a quality service.

Their prices are so low that even we were skeptical at first, but in all seriousness, ipage is a great choice for those on a budget.

And you might think they cut corners in the customer support department to save money – but that’s simply not true. We found their support to be friendly, efficient, and well trained.

What They Offer

The best value lies in the ipage Essential plan. Incredibly, this plan is just $1.89 per month.

Please note that this is an introductory rate – once your term is up, the price will go up. But, you can lock in up to 3 years at this rock-bottom price!

The Essential plan offers unlimited bandwidth and disk space and allows for an unlimited number of websites.

It also comes with a huge variety of bonuses, such as free marketing credits to help promote your websites! 

Plans Starting at $1.89/month*

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Inmotionhosting is another great web hosting firm based out of California.

Their years of industry experience, dedication to customer service, and affordable pricing make them an easy choice for this list.

They are a decent sized company, but they are still small enough to really care about the little guy. With inmotion, you feel more like a business partner than a client!

Why They Made the List

Inmotionhosting provides a huge array of web hosting solutions for just about any size business. Their servers are PHP-compatible, and the hardware is all top-notch.

They also have some of the best customer service in the industry, which is a very important thing to note. In fact, their customer service reps must complete 160+ hours of training before they can assist customers!

The US-based support team is available 24/7 to help with any issues you may experience. Also, all their plans are backed by a 90-day guarantee.

What They Offer

If you’re looking at shared packages, there are 3 great choices. The Launch plan is the most affordable at just $4.89 per month. It allows for up to 2 websites with unlimited storage and bandwidth.

For $6.29 per month you can upgrade to the Power plan, which allows for up to 6 websites. And for larger portfolios, the Pro plan is just $10.49 per month and allows for unlimited websites.

All 3 plans include great features and bonuses like free transfers, free data backup, a free domain name registration, and more!

Plans Starting at: $4.89/month*

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Bluehost is a USA-based web hosting company that has been in business for more than a decade.

Founded in 2003, they have rapidly gained customers and grown into quite a large company.

They currently host more than 2 million websites, and work with webmasters of all shapes and sizes.

Why They Made the List

We chose Bluehost as our #1 pick for a number of reasons. One, they are very reliable.Their server hardware and software is top-notch and monitored 24/7 for any unusual activity.

We find their servers to deliver some of the quickest load times available, as well as industry-leading up-time records.

Second, they have very good USA-based customer service, available 24/7.

And third, they offer the best guarantee in the web hosting industry – an anytime money-back guarantee.

So even if you commit to a 24 month plan and use just 3 months, you can get a refund for the remaining 21 months with no questions asked!

What They Offer

There are many great plans at Bluehost, but their PHP-compatible shared plans offer the best value.

If you only have 1 site, you can go with the Starter plan which costs just $3.49 per month. This plan offers unlimited bandwidth and 100gb of disk space, but you cannot host more than 1 site.

The next step up is the Plus plan at $5.95 per month. The Plus package allows for unlimited websites, unlimited storage, and unlimited bandwidth.

Lastly, for larger portfolios there is the Business Pro plan, priced at $13.95 per month. It includes the same great features as the Plus package, but adds over $180 worth of extras, including an SSL certificate, dedicated IP, enhanced security, and much more!

Also, all plans come with a free domain name registration! 

Plans Starting at $3.49/mo*

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Wrapping Up

In the end, as long as you choose one of the providers on this list, you really can’t go wrong.

We honestly believe that these companies provide the best PHP hosting out there.

All you have to do is choose the company and plan that best fits your budget, and more importantly, your needs.