Best Dedicated Server Hosting for 2015


Dedicated Server Hosting Solutions

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As a webmaster in the 21st century, you are faced with a huge amount of options when it comes to choosing a web host. Not only are there countless hosting companies, but each company generally offers a number of different types and packages.

How does one wade through all the choices?

It’s easier if you have some help, which is where we come in! Today we are looking specifically at dedicated server hosting.

What is a Dedicated Server?

What is dedicated hosting? It’s just what it sounds like – a hosting plan with an entire server dedicated solely to you and your websites. This type of plan is definitely geared more towards webmasters with a large portfolio and consistent, heavy traffic.

If you are just starting out or only have a few websites, you’d be better off going with shared hosting or cloud hosting. If you and your websites need the dedicated resources of an entire server, read on.

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Benefits of Dedicated Hosting

The benefits of this type of web hosting are many.

First of all, because you are not sharing your server with others, the possibility of downtime and/or server lag is greatly reduced. You will always have the bandwidth and resources you need, whereas with shared hosting, another person’s websites could be hogging up all the bandwidth.

Dedicated hosting is also much more secure and safe than shared.

Now that we know the benefits, it’s time to choose a host! We have researched to find the best dedicated server web hosting, and you can see the fruits of our labors below.

Each of these hosts would be an excellent choice, but each brings something unique to the table – so read on and choose the provider that’s right for you!

Top 10 Hosting Services for Small Businesses in 2015

10. - Plans Starting at $165/yr*
9. - Plans Starting at $199/mo*
8. - Plans Starting at $69/mo*
7. - Plans Starting at $95/mo*
6. - Plans Starting at $149/mo*


godaddy-hostingGoDaddy is one of the largest and most popular web hosts out there. You might know them from their TV commercials. They are one of the few “household name” web hosts.

Because of this, they are not the cheapest option, but they do have good services and support. Today, this massive company hosts more 58 million domains, and boasts an incredible 12 million+ customers.

They are also the world’s largest domain name registrar.

Why They Made the List

GoDaddy made our list because of their round-the-clock customer support, and because they offer their customers a huge number of options when it comes to dedicated hosting.

We also recognize the value of going with such a huge company – they have the resources needed to keep everything running smoothly 24/7/365.

What They Offer

GoDaddy offers 5 dedicated plans, ranging from 2gb ram/512gb storage/5tb bandwidth (priced at $129.99/month) to 32gb ram/2tb storage/20tb bandwidth (priced at $349.99/month).

Their basic package is reasonably priced and is perfect for most webmasters who have outgrown shared hosting but don’t need a whole lot of bandwidth. All plans are available at a discounted rate (10-15% off) if you purchase 12 months or more at once. All plans come with a 45-day money-back guarantee.

And all GoDaddy products include free 24/7 support from a dedicated and skilled team.

Plans Starting at $129.99/mo*

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Liquidweb is a USA-based host founded in 1997. Although they are nowhere near the size of GoDaddy, they provide excellent services at reasonable prices. They currently provide hosting services for more than 40,000 clients.

Why They Made the List

We chose to include Liquidweb on this list because they have an excellent support team. All hosts claim to have great customer support, but in our experience, Liquidweb is one of the few that actually deliver on that promise.

Their “Heroic” support team is made up of 400+ educated, professional, and in-house employees. They are available 24/7 and are always happy to help customers of any size.

Liquidweb is big enough to have excellent resources and equipment, but small enough to really appreciate their customers – even the tiny ones!

What They Offer

Out of the dedicated server providers on this list, Liquidweb offers the most options.

They have single, dual, and quad-processor servers, ranging from quad-core to 12-core. Their plans range in price from $179 per month all the way up to $1199 per month.

Suffice it to say that no matter what your needs are, Liquidweb has a plan that’s right for you!

Plans Starting at $179/mo*

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Acehost is a large hosting company that’s been in operation since 2003. In their 10+ years of experience in the industry, they have earned a solid reputation and a loyal customer base.

Why They Made the List

Their cutting-edge server technology and equipment, coupled with a dedication to customer service, made them an easy choice for this list.

The only reason Acehost isn’t further up on this list is that they currently only offer 2 dedicated server packages.

What They Offer

They have a basic package, priced at $139.99 per month. This package includes 1tb of storage, 16gb of RAM, and 10tb of bandwidth per month.

Their premium package, priced at $239.99 per month, includes 1tb of storage, 32gb of RAM, and 10tb of bandwidth. Both packages are fully customizable and the prices listed represent the “bare bones” configurations.

As you can see, these prices are significantly cheaper than many competing companies, which is another reason we recommend this host.

Plans Starting at $139.99/month*

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Hostgator is a popular Texas-based host, founded in 2002. Today, they are a large company with more than 12,000 servers and 400,000+ customers from all over the world.

Their size allows them to offer reasonable pricing and top-notch technology, but they still care about all their customers, large and small.

Why They Made the List

We think Hostgator is a good choice for your dedicated server needs for a number of reasons. First of all, they have many options available, with 4 Linux-based and 4 Windows-based packages.

Their pricing is reasonable, although you should note that the price listed is for the first month only, and reflects a 20% discount off the regular price.

This is a slightly misleading practice, so be sure that you fully understand the actual pricing before committing to a plan.

What They Offer

Hostgator’s basic dedicated plans provide 4gb RAM, 500gb storage, and 10tb bandwidth, and are priced at $174/month (first month at $139).

The pricing is the same for both Linux and Windows plans. Their Pro plans are the most expensive, priced at $374/month ($299 first month), and provide 16gb RAM, 1tb storage, and 25tb of bandwidth.

You will notice that compared to competing plans, these prices are a bit higher. However, Hostgator’s more expensive plans are perfect for webmasters who need lots of bandwidth to support their heavy traffic.

Plans Starting at: $174/month*

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inmotionhosting Inmotionhosting is a California-based webhost, providing fast, reliable, and affordable web hosting solutions to their clients.

They offer cutting-edge server technologies, fast and friendly support, and a genuine “human experience”, which is rare in the web hosting industry.

Why They Made the List

We chose Inmotionhosting as our #1 pick mainly because of their incredible customer service.

All service representatives are hand-picked by management from a large number of applicants. They only hire the best of the best, and every representative must undergo vigorous in-house training.

In fact, all service reps must complete 160 hours of training before they can man the phones or even answer support tickets. Most hosts promise excellent customer support, but Inmotion really stands out of the crowd in terms of support.

What They Offer

This host also offers some of the best dedicated servers AND some of the most affordable pricing in the industry.

With dedicated plans starting at just $79.99 per month (for last-generation servers), they have plans for all needs and budgets. And their current-gen server plans are affordably priced as well, with their basic 4gb RAM/500gb storage/6tb bandwidth plan costing just $119.99 per month! We also like that they have lots of options when it comes to dedicated plans.

There are 6 current-gen and 3 previous-gen packages. So, regardless of your needs and budget, you’re sure to find a good plan for you with Inmotionhosting!

And remember – no matter what plan you choose, you will always be given the same industry-leading customer support that makes this host our #1 pick.

Plans Starting at $79.99/mo*

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Wrapping Up

We hope that this article gives you the tools and resources you need to make an educated decision. There is no single best dedicated server web hosting provider, but this list includes all the good ones.

We are confident that any provider listed here would be an excellent choice; it’s just a matter of finding the right option for you, your budget, and your websites!